The Bridge Foundation aims to be the bridge that helps improve the lot of the marginalized and the underprivileged from dire poverty to a position where they can respond positively to available opportunities. This desire and core belief forms our tagline – “from need to opportunity”. We believe poverty is largely man made. The greed of the unscrupulous and their domineering nature, exploits the weaker sections of society so that the poor remain imprisoned in the vicious cycle of poverty. God does provide opportunities to all but those in abject poverty are unable to profitably utilise the chances that come their way. They need a helping hand, a bridge that will carry them over and support them in their journey to break the shackles of poverty.

 At The Bridge Foundation, we have over the years, consistently innovated to develop programs that meet the evolving needs of the underprivileged. Our uniquely crafted programs have reflected the changes in the socio-economic scenario of the nation, adapting to the evolution of regulatory frameworks and the advancement of technology.The primary categories of our programs are : Micro Enterprise Development, Micro Insurance, Micro Resource Bridge & Micro Convergence, Partnerships of long standing with Government of India bodies and institutions such as Central Silk Board, Fisheries Department, Wood Research Institute as well as corporate entities like Godrej Industries, Tata AIG, etc., have played a key role in our operations Our programs have certainly left an indelible impact on the numerous lives they have touched.Driven by our vision of  an  economically secure society, we continuously strive to reinvent ourselves so that we may accomplish our mission by finding ‘an enterprise solution to poverty’.



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First Micro Enterprise Development Initiative
Enterprise solution to poverty is best manifested through micro enterprise development among the productive poor. This initiative had its humble beginnings with a loan of $30 to two young entrepreneurs to start a small business in Banglore. Click to read more.
Registration of the organization

Armed with a proof of concept for enterprise solution to poverty through sucessful pilot projects, The Bridge Foundation was formally registered in 1984. The founding trustees were Rev. Canon. Dr. Vinay Samuel, Mr. Jagadesan and Mr.David Lobo, later joined by Mr. Collin Timms in 1999.

Micro Enterprise Development Program

The MED program was initially rolled out to to individuals who were in the urban and rural areas of Bangalore.

Expansion of the MED Program through NGO Partnerships

By partnering with NGO's who were positioned in the villages, we forayed into the rural areas, offering our programs by setting up Self Help Groups motivated by 'animators' who would guide and teach the self help groups in the processes.

Visit by the US Treasury

Mr Lawrence Summers appreciated the training provided by The Bridge Foundation in motivating the women from Self Help Groups to take up business enterprises.

Imp@ct Program

As the Micro enterprise development program grew exponentially both in numbers and geographical outreach, an acute need was felt to digitize the data & automate the operations. To meet this need, welaunched the Imp@act sotware program in partnership with Otco International Ltd.

Opportunity Micro Finance India

To meet the significant credit gap in rural India it was necessary to set up a dedicated micro finance institution to serve the needs of the micro entrepreneurs.

Micro Insurance

A basic financial instrument such as insurance was practically unavailable to the rural poor. To fulfil this fundamental need for personal risk mitigation, we initiated perhaps the very first micro insurance program in India partnership with TATA AIG.

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Micro Enterprise Development at Prisons
Responding to a desperate need among prison inmate families, we launched a program for prison inmate wives , which operated out of the prison. Click to read more.
Boat Program

The tsunami in 2004 in Southern India wrecked havoc with the loss of lives, boats and fishing nets. We swung into action to procure boats from international manufacturers to provide to the fisherman.

Micro Resource Convergence
This was an ambitious program to develop a 'farm to showroom' silk product while managing every stage of the development cycle in a way that drives maximum benefit to the hands of the farmers and producers. Click to read more.
Micro Resource Bridge Program
This program succeeded in eliminating multiple levels of middlemen thus making available to the poor, products at not only lower prices but also of better quality. Click to read more.
Bridge Meal Program
This was our entreprenural contribution to the disaster relief program post the tsunami of 2006. The program stitched together individual donors, corporate, infrastructuture and technology and NGO's feet on ground capacity to meet a very important and much ignored need. Click to read more.
To meet the need of preventive healthcare among the poor, we launched the REACH program with Dr.Tim Little , training the village community workers. Click  to read more.
Micro Enterprise Development in South Sudan
South Sudan was recovering from a 2 decade civil war & on the brink of becoming independent. The human cost was immeasurable. Ware , poverty & famine had reduced the population to 1/3rd. It was in this backdrop that we were invited to set up a micro enterprise development program in collaboration with Anglican International Development. The result was the establishment of  Manna Micro finance Insitution that thrives even today. Click to read more.
Treatment of Kattumeran Wood

In this project, we explore the potential of utilizing research done by the Wood Research Institute of India to treat catamarans (wooden log boats) with a view to extend their usable life at a very low cost.

Dehydration of Fruits & Vegetables Project
TBF initiated a project to explore the potential of developing micro dehydration of fruits and vegetables as a first step towards preservation and extension of shelf life at the village level.
Vision Care
TBF partnered with Zeiss co in their Aloka vision program. The program worked to empower the poor in setting up the model for quality vision care at minimum cost. Click to read more.
Bridge Accelerator
The bridge accelerator program is a digital accelerator that endeavours to support viable social enterprises in their journey to scale , to ensure long term sustainability. Click to read more.

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