Evolution of a Dream
The vision of our founding fathers began with a meeting of ....

Rural Distribution

Rural Distribution is one of the challenging tasks even now.  With the advent of improved communication and transport system, there are amazing improvements.  But still there is a wide gap between the need and the results achieved in rural distribution.  TBF’s more than two decades of experience brings out relationships, empowerment by providing opportunity, motivation and appropriate approach to bridge this gap to a larger extent.  Solidarity of communities and their hard work with commitment paves the way for successful partnership of rural communities in inclusive development. 
TBF in twenty-five years of its association with economically deprived people mostly in rural and remote areas has facilitated thirteen million poor to start income generating micro enterprises in 7500 villages spread over 5 southern states of India.  TBF in its vision to empower the poor has collaborated both private and government sector institutions such as TATA-AIG for Rural Micro Insurance, TI-Bi-cycles, Godrej Agrovet Ltd, National Dairy Development Corporation, Central Silk Board, Wood Research Institute etc.

Creating distribution channels & networking.

Customized distribution channels, effective distribution of products or services paves way for effective outreach.  To develop an effective distribution channel, a careful study needs to be undertaken as to the facilities available, such as mode of transports, raw material availability, skills and also proximity of the customers. A customized approach based on the above stated parameters would bring out the opt model suited to particular area.  TBF with its expertise would help in bringing out the right, efficient, cost effective and tailor made model in creating distribution channels.
Products & services are identified or developed according to the need of customers. It is equally important to take those products and services to the customers.  Demand for a product or service increases or decreases, depending on the facilities available to customers.  If a distribution point does not have proper co-ordination with other points in mobilizing products and services, the distribution channels cannot be effective and successful.  TBF facilitates co-ordination and synchronization between the distribution channels to be more productive and efficient  and involve in identifying and setting up of formal distribution networks such as Carry and Forward agents, Distributors and Wholesalers.

Organizing training on marketing strategies

Training always refreshes people with knowledge and experience. It provides people with clarity and direction in which they are moving.  It also provokes their thought process to keep them proactive to the changes and needs of the circumstances.  TBF imparts training in the area of marketing with latest strategies.  The training will focus on the concepts of marketing, different approaches in the marketing and the mechanism involved in marketing.
Field specific training is also provided.  For example: Agricultural products marketing, Consumer goods marketing, Insurance marketing etc.  Experienced personals from the respective fields conduct such trainings.  An analysis of different success stories would provide the participants a clear understanding of the mechanisms involved in marketing. Training on tracking and analyzing marketing trends is provided.  This helps the person to analyze the performance of product or service in the market with the help of handling available data.

Facilitating production

The demand of any product or service should compliment with supply.  Production involves identifying right kind of skill, providing training, maintaining quality, maintaining mandatory regulatory standards and supervision. The whole process involved is called production cycle.  TBF provides relevant training for the personal involved in each of the different process in the production cycle.  The supervisory team including the manager is provided with technical training about the products to ensure quality production.  The whole team is also provided training in meeting targets.
TBF facilitates the production units to have good co-ordination with raw material supplying team and also the marketing team.  This helps a clear communication flow between supply, production and marketing units.  The whole process brings out a smooth functioning of units.

Facilitating in identifying raw material

Identifying right kind of raw material is the key to production of quality product.  TBF provides guidance and expertise in identifying right kind of raw material at competitive price. Identification and sourcing involves assessing the quality, procuring from the first source by avoidance of middle men, ensuring regular and adequate supply at right cost by ensuring all formal clearances and permission if any, storage of raw materials. 

Facilitating in packaging

Packing is an important activity in a business process.  We can observe that all the marketing companies spend considerable amount of money in developing and designing the packaging materials. Attractive packing with relevant information about the product is the primary tool in product promotion. Packaging involves identifying right packing materials suitable for the product, designing the print & size, printing statutory, information on the packing materials including promotional information, color of print on the packaging material and different sizes of packing required. 

Designing packing materials. (machine & packaging materials)

Machine packed articles are more attractive than manual packed articles.  Packing products with automated machines is more advantages than manual packing.  The advantages are it is faster, quantities will be accurate, packing will be uniform and neat.  TBF provides logistic support in getting the above advantages by designing packing materials, which suits an automated machine to handle. With the automated machine dependency on human labor is reduced drastically.

Creating product promotion teams

Product promotion is a key component in the context of today’s business world.  Currently we have buyers market and choices are too many for the buyers.  Understanding the need of the hour, TBF facilitates to create a product promotion teams.  It also facilitates to develop relevant promotional strategies and materials about a product to take it to the customers.  TBF customizes such promotional initiative, which is relevant to a local situation.  It provides training to the promotional worker and induces them to be innovative and self-motivated.  TBF designs relevant incentive schemes for the promotional team to get optimum results.

Providing support in identifying spurious products

A performing product has too many competitors in the current market scenario.  One such comes from scrupulous peoples who just try to exploit the demand by bringing in spurious materials.  TBF in its comprehensive consultancy program on rural distribution, provides necessary inputs for the marketing and promotional team to have an eye on the spurious products.(only which is relevant to the product/s, the team handles) 

Creating producer’s communities and network.

One of the strategies to empower poor is creating producers groups and also networking them.  This initiative would enable the people to produce quality products and maintain standards.  It would also facilitate them to use the power of aggregation while sourcing raw materials, in costing their products and also in marketing them.  TBF provides training and logistic support in the above stated initiatives.

Distribution of humanitarian services during calamities

Calamities strike human communities at an unexpected time and causes havoc to lives and materials.  Reaching the affected people with medicine, basic supplies etc. on time are crucial in saving lives.  TBF with its expertise and capabilities would facilitate to take the humanitarian support to any affected area. With its professional approach and experience, it can co-ordinate and organize different expert team to execute relief work effectively and timely.  TBF is also capable of executing long-term rehabilitative work for communities in any part of the world.

Creating awareness through skits, street plays & short films

Creating awareness and taking information to the people with different background, economic status, literacy levels and culture is an art.  TBF’s social development activities involving communities of both urban and rural has enabled it to acquire the technique of transferring knowledge information to communities of different background.  TBF can take up any challenge, with regard to transfer of knowledge and awareness at the grass root level.  Such awareness would help the global communities in brining better health, economic status and basic rights for poor and help to reduce risks such as green gas emission, global warming etc.

Collection, mining and processing of data

This is one of the key parameters in taking decisions.  Right decisions are not possible with out information, data and analytical reports.  The decisions may pertain to any area such as business, politics. Science, administration and welfare initiatives, data plays a key role.  Again collection of data is a systematic process, which needs proper planning and skill.  In the same way mining and analyzing of such data also requires skill.  TBF provides training in these areas and guides the team to arrive at decision based on facts.