Evolution of a Dream
The vision of our founding fathers began with a meeting of ....

Recource Mobilization

The poor are struggling for survival where livelihoods are unsustainable and tomorrow hold little promise. Hope hinges on one crucial word – ABILITY.

BF Highlights
Projects Funded 125,494
Active Projects 22,916
Jobs Created 83,841
Jobs Strengthened 58,747
Micro- Insurance Policies  9,068
Partners Associated 479
SHGs Involved 11,549
Villages Covered 7,669

Nagina lives in the slums of Bangalore with her aged parents and three children. She joined a Self Help Group and decided to set up a Micro Enterprise to supplement the family income. The Bridge Foundation (TBF) funded her Rs 6000 for producing incense sticks for a large-scale manufacturer. Nagina was identified as a woman with ability to deliver. This hardworking-committed woman knew she could succeed with the opportunity given to her.

Nagina took up this business and immediately engaged 13 other women in the slum to produce 3000 sticks each. The meagre family income rose from Rs 400 to Rs 900 per month. Nagina and her team increased their production of incense sticks. The total family income has risen to Rs 3420. Nagina’s children have joined a school nearby and she plans to give them good education.

Micro Enterprise Development has added value and transformed their lives. It is not easy for the poor to find an opportunity where they can use their abilities. TBF, for the past 19 years,has been empowering people to find ways out of poverty and unemployment. The poor are in constant search to find a stable livelihood and improve their quality of life.

The corporate world has realized its social responsibility across the globe and contributions from business houses and corporates towards poverty reduction has been significantly increasing in recent times. India is not lagging behind as it is directly or indirectly involved in the national goal of poverty reduction. Microfinance provides poor people with access to basic financial services. Today Micro Enterprise is a crucial means of survival for millions around the world and the hope for the future is to help the poor reach self sufficiency and prosperity. The true wealth of a nation is in her people.

I quote - HRH The Princess Royal “ Having seen for myself how small loans can help to transform poor people’s lives. I would strongly encourage others to consider this as a way of helping marginalized communities around the world. ”

Dear friends, well-wishers and captains of the corporate world, we need your support to reduce poverty in India. You can ensure that this can happen by making a contribution, donation or grant to our organization. We will touch 253,000 lives in the next five years and your contribution will show you exactly where your money went, for what business it is used, how the repayments are being made and what is the impact of your contribution. This is possible through our web-enabled software IMP@CT.

Your giving to The Bridge Foundation is an investment that will pay rich dividends in transforming thousands of lives in the remote parts of rural India. Every Rs 5000 received will transform 28 lives in 10 years. Can you make this happen?

Reaching People
Contribution Amt (In Rs)
Transforming Lives
No. of Lives Impacted
1,00,000 552
5,00,000 2756
1,00,000 5512
25,00,000 13,776
50,00,000 27,556
100,00,000 55,108

Whom do we serve

Rural and Urban Poor
By forming Self Help Groups with the support of local NGO partners we are able to extend our work and reach out to the poorest of the poor in the urban slums and the rural areas of five states. With the experience and expertise gained over the years, products are developed to suit the needs of micro entrepreneurs.

Physically challenged
Work with organizations that support disadvantaged people through Self Help Groups, identify their capability and match them with suitable trades. TBF help disadvantaged to establish small trades and businesses that will supplement to the family income and increase their self-worth.

Partner with us in Poverty Alleviation

Domestic Contribution (For Indian Donors)
Cheques and Drafts should be drawn in favor of “The Bridge Foundation, Bangalore”
All contribution to the Bridge Foundation are exempt from tax under section 80G

Foreign Contribution (For Foreign Donors)
Your contribution may be sent to our FCRA A/c. No. 01100005363
State Bank of India
Bangalore Branch
Post Bag No. 5310
# 87, St. Mark’s Road
Bangalore – India
560 001
Swift Code No: SBININBBA169

Albin Pinto