Evolution of a Dream
The vision of our founding fathers began with a meeting of ....

Project/Product incubation

Project/product incubation especially in the area of empowering poor requires vision and a commitment to work for the cause of the poor.  The undeterred passion in realizing the vision, makes one to work focused.  TBF’s vision is “to work with the poor in their struggle to attain social justice and economic security with human dignity and self-worth” TBF has handled many of these projects, which brings sustainable empowerment in lives of the poor.  TBF handled these projects under the product called “Micro Resource Convergence” (MRC)

“MRC is identification of locally available resources either human or material, and to put them to the optimum use in an economically viable activity by aggregating the resources to economic scale and by application of appropriate technology and networking the various processes to derive at maximum value addition to the end product, so as to provide much higher returns to the micro entrepreneurs as a continuous source of income to the entrepreneurs, in order to bring a holistic transformation in the community”.

With its vast experience, professionalism and hands on experience in the field, TBF has earned the capacity to implement Project/Product incubation with commitment.  TBF has already handled projects such as ‘Eri-silk, Activated carbon, Polishing of artificial gems etc.

Research on projects / products

Research is a prequisite for launching any projects or product on the subject.  Research in this field involves technical and commercial feasibility, availability of raw materials, product demand, competitors, market trend etc.

In the case of social development projects feasibility is analyzed based on the experience of people involved, their vision, commitment, skill levels, need of the intended beneficiaries, lateral relationships etc.

TBF adopts professional approach in doing the research with the right kind of tools.  Decisions are arrived at based on facts and figures by highly experienced professionals.

Creating relationships, MOUs and ensuring logistical support from relevant departments and professionals.

TBF facilitates a conducible situation to take forward initiatives.  It does advocacy with relevant agencies, government departments and professionals to draw either their direct or indirect solidarity and support.  These initiatives also help the project to get technical support from professional and experienced people.  Thus the project could be taken forward without much hurdles and with due endorsements from supervisory bodies if any.  Through the MOU the commitments and responsibilities are drawn clearly and this takes care of many of the expected roadblocks.

Creating a knowledge bank on the relevant project/product.

Learning means growing.  An individual/organization/company becomes undisputed experts over a period of time when they continuously update with knowledge and experience in their respective field.  TBF facilitates to record learning’s and experiences.  It also facilitates to get as much information from researches, experiments, by way of special assignments to experts, research students etc.  Thus a confidence is created to face any practical challenges and to enable the people involved to foresee things.

Costing of services / products & mechanism to forecast / review with cost escalations & inflation

Costing is the key element in managing a business.  This is the source of income, which sustains the whole operation and facilitates growth.  While costing both present costs and future trends, inflation, taxes, competition etc have to be taken into consideration.  TBF facilitates in costing the products and services by looking into all the factors involved.

Developing business plan/a plan for pilot.

Business plan is nothing but the road map.  The roll out plan, strategies, targets and expected results are specified.  It has to be prepared carefully by analyzing the findings, by inferring from data and experience.  TBF facilitates to come up with realistic business plan after careful analysis of all relevant data, information and experience.  It also facilitates realistic analysis of the progress at regular intervals in comparison with the business plan through customized MIS.

Human Resource.

TBF facilitates mapping of the roles and responsibilities of individuals at different levels.  Once the job descriptions are drawn, again TBF facilitates in identifying the right kind of skill.

Completing formalities / Facilitating formalities in the area of registration, certification, clearance etc.

Generally, when a new initiative is being started, there may be lot of formalities to be completed.  These formalities may be too cumbersome. TBF first lists out the formalities and ensures that such formalities are completed within the possible shortest time.

Creating a technical division (Standardizing of products and services.)

Maintaining product quality and the required stands are important to survive in a competitive market.  TBF facilitates and provides logistic in creating a small team to ensure quality and standardization of products. It also collects all the relevant technical info and facilitates to meet the export standards. 

Designing packing materials. (machine & packaging materials)

Packing is an important activity in a business process.  We can observe that all the marketing companies spend considerable amount of money in developing and designing the packaging materials.  Packaging involves identifying right packing materials suitable to a product, designing the size and co lour, statutory information which has to be printed on the packing materials, business promotional information to be printed on the packaging material and deciding on the different size of packing required.  Attractive packing with relevant information about the product itself serves as one of the tool for promotion of the product.

Machine packed articles are more attractive than manual packed articles.  Packing articles with automated machines is more advantages than packing materials with persons.  The advantages are it is faster, quantities will be accurate, packing will be uniform and neat.  TBF provides logistic support in getting the above advantages by designing packing materials, which suits an automated machine to handle. With the automated machine dependency on human labor is reduced drastically.

Marketing (National & International levels)- strategy & creating linkages.

The products, which have scope for marketing at a country level, TBF draws appropriate strategies.  TBF also facilitates in rolling out such strategies.  TBF identifies the level of promotion activities to be taken and creates linkages with respective agencies.

TBF also facilitates qualified products to market at international levels by creating linkages, getting all the required clearances, arranging for movement of products etc.

Facilitating smooth system for the product/services to reach distributors & end customers.

TBF facilitates to set up a well-integrated distribution system for the products and services to reach the customers.  The marketing personals are provided training to handle the demand and supply chain smoothly.  Systems will be set up to get the Feedback from distributors and wholesalers and it will be reviewed at fixed intervals.  Immediate action will be taken to improve the efficiency of the services.  Latest technology will be used to make the system efficient.  As communication is the key element, customized communication system would be established.

Creating system supported analysis and review to understand effectiveness / trend.(MIS)

Management Information System provides processed data to the management for making key decisions.  TBF facilitates in setting up of an efficient MIS to get the right kind of information about day-to-day developments and trends.  MIS would provide facilities to analyze performance based on the short-term and long-term goals.  With the MIS performance of the different departments and also individual performance could be assessed.