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REACH (Responsible, Empowering, Accessible Community Health Care)

Community Managed Self-Sustainable Health Care Program:

Health care is the most neglected area by the poor in India. When health tragedy strikes, only option available for the poor is to approach money lender, which will push the family back into debt trap and it may take a generation to come out of debt burden. In India on an average 58% of total expenditure of the poor goes for healthcare.

In empowering the poor, enabling them access to quality healthcare is essential. Government's initiatives are inadequate. Hence to manage healthcare needs of the poor effectively and efficiently, community responsibility is essential. A community guided health care program will address the specific healthcare needs of the region and will be well managed by sharing the risk and responsibilities. Individuals may no longer be at the mercy of the healthcare provider institution and can negotiate better terms with them.

REACH, an innovative health care program to address the above need and to empower the poor was conceived by TBF in 2007. The program envisages creating a common fund with regular contributions from the members of the community, who are part of SHGs involved in micro credit. Members will contribute a specific amount either on weekly or monthly basis. The fund will support the running cost of the program. Program is managed by the Health Care workers who are identified from the communities and are trained in reputed hospital. After the intensive training HCW's are work in the communities in educating people on preventive healthcare and referral services, within the protocol. Referral hospital provide quality and high-class health care to the members at a reasonable cost. This is possible because of the power of aggregation.

Pilot Phase:

REACH pilot program has been launched near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Trained health care workers are successfully providing health care services to the communities in about 50 surrounding villages. With the success of the Pilot program TBF is planning to replicate the program in many other places.