Evolution of a Dream
The vision of our founding fathers began with a meeting of ....

TBF Consultancy Services

Rural development schemes and rural banking could not tackle the widespread poverty in rural areas. Research indicated that existing banking policies and procedures were not suited to the needs of the poor. They needed better access to these services and products, rather than cheap and subsidized credit. Banks couldn’t meet the challenge due to the high transaction costs involved in processing small loans to borrowers scattered in rural areas and as to the concerns related to loan recovery.

Backdrop of this, The Bridge Foundation was formed by three visionaries in the year 1984 with the vision & mission “to work with the poor in their struggle to attain Social Justice and Economic Security with Human Dignity and Self Worth” and with the objective to provide a bridge between the Need and the Opportunity, by encouraging Micro Enterprise Development to the economically active poor in eradication / reduction of poverty. In this direction TBF has made remarkable achievement in bringing Socio-economic development amongst poor and marginalized communities in 5 states of India.

More than 10,000 micro lending organizations provide loans to over 25 million poor throughout the world, most of them women. The number of these organizations grew dramatically spurred by the notion of ‘self-help’ and a faith in the creditworthiness and entrepreneurial potential of the poor. However on review of the progress in Micro Enterprise Development for the past 3 decades, though much has been done, but the reach out to the poor is meager 10%. And lot is to be done.

With this background TBF ventured into providing Micro Enterprise Development consultancy services based on customer needs, Industry best practices and latest Technological Developments, to support Micro Finance & Development Institutions in making Micro Enterprise Development sustainable. TBF derives competency from the expertise and knowledge gained from 25 years working experience in the development sector and the relationships built with the clients and other players in the development sector.